Photo No.: 103730 Title: M. Milne demonstrating weighing cattle. Date: 16 Mar 1973

The expanding export markets saw the number of properties with beef cattle increase rapidly and demand for information on beef cattle management escalate. The Department of Agriculture ran “Beef Cattle Husbandry Schools” across the State and numerous extension activities including field days,

Photo No.: 103920 Title: Crowd gathered at cattle trials at Field Day, at Kangaroo Island Research Centre. Date: 26 Sep 1974

publications, radio, local television and in the press. Integral to adopting objective measurement of beef cattle was the use of cattle scales, ranging from originally measuring tapes to spring, hydraulic and today electronic scales. Stock agents and stud breeders assisted many of these growers moving to beef production for the first time. With funding from the JS Davies Fund University researchers were employed and a series of seminars were run to expose beef producers to latest techniques and information both local and international.

Photo No.: 106351 Title: Cattle feed lot at Blyth. Date: Aug 1994

Today technical innovation continues with the ability to trace beef from production to consumption providing both quality and health status feedback to customers in Australia or across the world.

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