Photo No.: 103749 Title: Cattle yard where all the posts are driven into the ground. Date: 11 Mar 1964

As colonists expanded their herds, hedges or walls were impractical in the extensive areas to be contained. Without fences their ability to utilise all available pasture was limited by the capacity of the shepherds to control the stock but by 1868 “Pastoral Pioneers of SA”10 11 records both P Waite and HB Hughes using fencing to replace shepherds. In 1870 and 1871 Waite imported from England 265 tons of wire for fencing to create paddocks. This was a critical turning point in the management of sheep and cattle in the large scale operations in South Australia.

The heavy gauge wire and locally split posts formed the basis of fencing in South Australia for the best part of a century. High tensile wire and a shortage of local
timber led to concrete posts, then treated pine posts and to long spans using high tensile wire.

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