Other historically important documents

There are a number of books and publications that have historical importance which have been scanned and made accessible below.

These are historical documents therefore they are only supplied in PDF format. If you require a text version please email us at pirsa.webmaster@sa.gov.au.

History of the Agricultural Bureau of SA

One Hundred Years on the Land: The History of the Agricultural Bureau of South Australia:

By Caroline Guerin (1988). Divided into sections due to file size.

A history of the Department of Agriculture

Determinded to improve the Land: A History of the Department of Agriculture (PDF 329.1 KB)

By John Love (1987).

Notes on agriculture in SA

This paper presents a general view of conditions and proposals in South Australian Agriculture in 1908. It gives a fair indication that agriculture was flourishing and viable listing export values with the wheat industry exports valued at £2,152,842.

Notes on Agriculture in South Australia (PDF 9.5 MB)

Prepared by W. L. Summers (1908).

Department of Agriculture committees directory

Directory of Committees: Department of Agriculture 1984 (PDF 1.4 MB)

Farm and station implements

Farm and Station Implements manufactured by Clarence H. Smith (PDF 3.5 MB)

By Clarence Smith (1940s).

History of Yorke Penninsula article

This article covers the development of Yorke Peninsula from the preiod of pre settlement of the state until the early 1900s. It describes the districts and leading farmers of Yorke Peninsula, along with the difficulties they experienced and their successes, particular the innovations developed to make agriculture profitable and sustainable. After settlement, Yorke Peninsula was primarily a pastoral region. In the latter half of the 1800s it trnasitioned to cropping, integrated with animal production.

Frank Pearson was appointed to the Department immediately after World War 1, moved through positions of District Agricultural Advisor to Chief Agronomist, before retiring in mid 1960s. The article is likely to have been written early in Frank's career with the Department.

History of Yorke Penninsula - special reference to Kadina District early days (PDF 912.7 KB)

By Frank Pearson.

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