SA appoints inaugural Great Wine Capitals Global Ambassador

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Internationally celebrated winemaker, Peter Gago, chief winemaker at Penfolds, has been officially appointed to the role of Adelaide/South Australia's Great Wine Capitals Global Ambassador - elevating the state's membership in the prestigious network.

The inaugural ambassadorship will support the advancement of South Australia's wine story and help drive the promotion of the state's premium wine reputation in international markets and amongst key industry stakeholders, worldwide.

The Global Ambassador Program - an initiative of the Great Wine Capitals Global Network - will see the appointment of wine and tourism leaders from each member city, opening the possibilities for collaboration and boosting the profile of the network.

To further accelerate wine industry education, innovation and research, a new partnership has also been formally announced by the University of Adelaide and KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux.

The international partnership will benefit not only the wine sector but extend to students, teachers and researchers with opportunities to participate in joint projects as well as study tours and overseas exchange programs with the internationally-acclaimed French wine region.

The collaboration leverages the State Government's French Engagement Strategy, deepening ties with Bordeaux and promoting opportunities for greater collaboration and knowledge transfer in wine as well as tourism, food and research.


The University of Adelaide and KEDGE Business School are internationally renowned for their wine business expertise and this partnership will create and deliver innovative educational experiences and collaborative opportunities to support South Australia's priorities in wine tourism and exports.

The collaboration with KEDGE Business School comes as a result of Adelaide's membership in the Great Wine Capitals Global Network, which links international cities who demonstrate excellence in grape and wine production, a commitment to research and development and support for education and wine tourism services.

The global network includes the internationally renowned wine regions of San Francisco/Napa Valley (US), Bordeaux (France), Bilbao/Rioja (Spain), Cape Town (South Africa), Mainz/Rheinhessen (Germany), Mendoza (Argentina), Porto (Portugal), Valparaìso/Casablanca Valley (Chile), and newest member, Verona (Italy). Adelaide/South Australia joined the network on 1 July 2016.

Adelaide/South Australia's membership to the network is a collaboration between Brand South
Australia, Primary Industries and Regions SA, the South Australian Tourism Commission and the
South Australian Wine Industry Association.

Further information on Adelaide's membership to the Great Wine Capitals Global Network is available

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, Leon Bignell

Helping the wine industry build on the $2.1 billion in revenue generated in 2015-16 and maximising
export opportunities in international markets is a key priority for the State Government.

South Australia is Australia's wine state, producing 80% of the country's premium wine. Peter Gago's
appointment as South Australia's Great Wine Capitals Global Ambassador will further help support and
promote our wine credentials both within the network and across the globe.

Equally, I'm delighted to see the partnership that's been announced today between the University of
Adelaide and KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux.

The partnership builds our connection with international counterparts to foster the growth of our wine
industry, helps to benchmark ourselves against international standards and promotes cross-cultural
understanding and knowledge sharing - providing a real point of difference for our state in wine

South Australia exported more than 472 million litres of wine in 2015-16 - or the equivalent of over 600
million bottles - worth $1.3 billion.

At any one time we have nearly a billion bottles of wine on tables and in cellars around the world with
one of the state's wine regions on the label - that's promoting our state and is like a postcard inviting
people to travel here.

Quotes attributable to Penfolds Chief Winemaker, Peter Gago

Adelaide, South Australia's membership to the prestigious Great Wine Capitals Global Network presents so many exciting possibilities and I'm honoured to be involved as the global ambassador for
South Australia.

Elevating the state's wine profile on an international stage increases the exposure for our premium
wine labels and raises the bar for us as a wine capital - we're now benchmarking against regions like
Bordeaux and this gives us the opportunity to learn from their experience and insights.

Quotes attributable to Professor Mark Gabbott, Dean of Business, University of Adelaide Business School

The University of Adelaide's new partnership with KEDGE Business School signals a new era for wine
industries in South Australia and the nation.

The partnership provides our industries with opportunities to build relationships with one of the world's
most renowned wine regions, and opens the door for international industry placements and access to
global leaders in wine business.

It may be, the most exciting outcomes of this partnership are those we are yet to discover; knowledge
sharing and research collaboration ensure endless possibilities.

As this partnership grows, so too will its potential, providing our current and future students with an
unparalleled offering.

The University of Adelaide is pleased to play its part in reinforcing Adelaide's place among the Great
Wine Capitals of the world.

Quotes attributable to Professor Jacques-Olivier Pesme, Director of the Wine & Spirits
Academy, KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux, France

The Wine and Spirit Academy of KEDGE Business School in Bordeaux is thrilled to connect and
collaborate with the University of Adelaide, which is internationally regarded for its wine business and
wine science programs.

While Adelaide and South Australia are highly respected for the quality of their wines, Adelaide is also
recognised as an Australian leader in the business of wine.

For students looking to receive a truly global education, the partnership between our business schools
represents a unique opportunity, which will benefit the industries in both Adelaide and Bordeaux.

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