Aquaculture public register

The Aquaculture Public Register provides a visual display of aquaculture lease and licence sites. You can select a site and gain information relating to the associated lease or licence.

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How to use the aquaculture public register

When you first open the Public register you will be presented with a map of South Australia displaying a number of key regional areas. You will be provided with a number of search options to use the map.

You can:

  • Enter a lease or licence number to zoom into a specific registration and site.
  • Jump to a locality from a list of key regional areas and have a map of that area displayed including lease and licence sites.
  • Draw a box around an area of interest on the map which displays a map of the selected area including lease and licence sites. 
Once the sites are displayed on the map you can select a site. The application will return a list of leases and licences associated with the site.

You can then select a lease or licence from the list displayed and display data relevant to the lease, licence or application.

Data displayed includes:

  • registration ID
  • registration type
  • coordinates
  • ownership information
  • size of site
  • date granted
  • current expiry date
  • registration status
  • approved species
  • approved farming method
  • conditions
  • environmental monitoring reports

You can print the information displayed.

Other functions

A number of simple spatial functions have been included in the application. These include the ability to:

  • Zoom in and zoom out on the map.
  • Pan on the map (shift the map up, down, left or right).
  • Go back to the opening screen.

Basic layer management is allows you to filter the information presented on the map. 

Layers include:
  • zones
  • lease sites
  • licence sites
  • application sites

Public register availability

The application presents registration data extracted from the in-house registration system at Primary Industries and Regions South Australia (PIRSA).

The extracted registration data will be refreshed after close of business on each working day. You are advised to check with PIRSA Aquaculture to determine the most recent update. The objective is for the application to reflect the actual registration information as the previous day.

The application has been developed to provide the public with 24-hour access to the registration data.  However, on occasions there may be issues beyond our control which impact on this availability.

Page Last Reviewed: 23 Feb 2015
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