Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd

PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture is currently assessing an application from Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd (OGA) to access seven aquaculture research leases and licences sites (one hectare each) in the waters of lower Spencer Gulf, near Port Lincoln.

OGA are proposing to place 4,000 hatchery-reared juvenile Greenlip Abalone on 10 benthic blocks at each site to investigate the best location(s) for a commercial abalone farm. Each block is approximately 900 kg with a surface area of 10 m2. Each block will house a total of 400 juvenile abalone. The trials are expected to last 12 months. The proposal is for research purposes only and stock cannot be commercially sold. The research is proposed to be conducted in conjunction with South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) Aquatic Sciences.

Site locations

  • Thistle 1 (LA00397 / AQ00370) - 1 hectare
  • Thistle 4 (LA00398 / AQ00371) - 1 hectare
  • Thistle 3 (LA00399 / AQ00372) - 1 hectare
  • Middle lease (LA00400 / AQ00373) - 1 hectare
  • Grindal 2 (LA00401 / AQ00374) - 1 hectare
  • Taylor East (LA00402 / AQ00375) - 1 hectare
  • Taylor North (LA00403 / AQ00376) - 1 hectare

Go to the aquaculture public register to see the site locations. Search the lease or licence number for details on surrounding lease sites and copies of lease and licence documents containing co-ordinates and conditions.



Consultation closes at 5pm on Tuesday 7 March 2017.

Written submissions is response to the application can be sent to:

Kate Rodda
Environmental Assessment Officer
PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture
GPO Box 1625
Adelaide SA 5001
Email: kate.rodda@sa.gov.au


Kate Rodda, Environmental Assessment Officer
Phone: (08) 8429 0509
Email: kate.rodda@sa.gov.au

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