Apiary industry fund

Registered beekeepers who keep 5 or more hives must pay $1 per hive to the Apiary Industry Fund when registering or renewing their registrations. See the beekeeper registration page for instructions on how to register.

Funds are collected in accordance with the Primary Industry Funding Schemes (Apiary Industry Fund) Regulations 2001.

Refund of contributions

Applications can be made to refund contributions to apiarists.

To request a refund:

  1. complete a Request for Refund from the South Australian Apiary Industry Fund (PDF 66.7 KB or DOC 26.0 KB)
  2. provide evidence that the contribution was paid, this can be a tax invoice from the registration or renewal process.

Contributors are not entitled to any direct service or benefit from the Fund for 2 years after a refund.

Fund administrator

The Minister for Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries is the administrator of the fund.

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