Beekeeper registration

Any person who keeps honeybees must register as a beekeeper every 12 months. You must register even if keeping just 1 hive in the backyard or using any style of hive, for example:

  • nuc
  • top bar
  • Warre
  • Flow


New beekeepers must register using the:

Registered beekeepers will receive an annual renewal notice at least 6 weeks before the existing registration’s expiry date.

Cancelling registrations

If you no longer keep honeybees cancel your registration using the:

Changing address

Beekeepers must send a written notification within 14 days of changing their postal address.


Registration fees and hive contributions are based on the number of hives you keep.

Fees for keeping 1 to 4 hives:

  • No charge for registrations and renewals.
  • No charge for hive contributions.

Fees for keeping 5 hives or more:

  • A $41.75 annual registration payment.
  • A hive contribution of $1 per hive. These contributions go to the Apiary Industry Fund.

A late fee of $43 is charged for all registration renewals submitted after the registration’s Expiry Date.

Honey test requirements - 20 or more hives

When registering or renewing 20 or more hives you must supply American foulbrood (AFB) honey test results.

The test results must:

  • Come from an approved laboratory.
  • Be carried out on a composite sample of honey collected from your hives within the last 6 months.

All hives must be branded with a 3 letter hive identification code issued when you first register. See the hive identification and branding page for more information.

Page Last Reviewed: 22 Feb 2018
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