Hive identification and branding

All hives must be branded with a 3 letter hive identification code issued when you first register as a beekeeper.

The hive identification code must:

  • Be placed in the centre of an exposed vertical face of the hive. Where the face of the hive has previously been marked with a code, any subsequent code allocated to the hive must be marked on the same vertical face, the first being placed in the top left hand corner of that face, and each subsequently allocated code being placed in the next corner proceeding clockwise.
  • Be burned, stencilled, embossed, carved or etched onto the face of the hive, or inscribed on a metal plate secured to the face of the hive.
  • Have each character of the code at least 30 millimetres in height.
Page Last Reviewed: 22 Feb 2018
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