Farmed deer

Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA) Biosecurity is responsible for overseeing:

  • deer identification
  • movement
  • Deer Industry Fund (DIF).


All properties with one or more deer must register for a Property Identification Code.

Fencing farmed deer

Effective deer-proof fencing is required when keeping deer on your property.

According to the:

fences should be:

  • Constructed in accordance with the Australian Deer Industry Manual, Number 2, Fencing and Handling Yards. RIRDC Report 98/13
  • Maintained and repaired regularly
  • Kept clear of fallen timber and trees.

Contact your local Natural Resources office for further information on fencing of farmed deer.

Moving deer within South Australia

Farmed deer moved within South Australia must have an ear tag with their Property Identification Code on it.

Moving deer to South Australia from interstate

Deer moved to South Australia must be accompanied by a South Australian Health Certificate for bison, deer and camel (PDF 137.6 KB or DOC 74.0 KB).

The property of origin must not have:

  • infected
  • suspected
  • restricted

status for Ovine Johne’s disease or Bovine Johne’s disease.

Animals from interstate properties with one of these statuses must get the permission of the Chief Inspector of Stock before these animals can enter South Australia.

Deer Industry Fund

The Deer Industry Fund (DIF) is in the process of closing with the aim of returning the balance of the fund to industry by 30 June 2016.


As part of a number of changes made to the Primary Industry Funding Schemes (Deer Industry Fund) Regulations 2002 on 21 January 2016, the requirement for producers to contribute to the Deer Industry Fund has been removed.

Use of funds

Money from the fund has been used to sponsor projects for the deer industry including:

  • contributions to on-farm productivity
  • improving deer returns.

Refund of contributions

Refunds for contributions made to the fund can be requested. Recent changes to the Primary Industry Funding Schemes (Deer Industry Fund) Regulations 2002 have brought forward the closing date for all refunds to be received by 30 April 2016.

Contributions made since February 2013 may be eligible for a refund.

To apply for a refund:

  1. complete a Request for refund form (PDF 71.7 KB)
  2. provide evidence that the contribution was paid, this can be a tax invoice from the registration or renewal process.

Requests for a refund must be received before the 30 April 2016.

Contributors are not entitled to any direct service or benefit from the fund for 2 years after a refund has been provided.

The Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries is the administrator of the fund.

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