Feral deer

All six species of deer naturalised in Australia have been recorded in South Australia but only Fallow and Red Deer are common.

Identification of Feral Deer in South Australia is available on the:

Controlling feral deer on your property

Landholders are responsible for the satisfactory control of feral deer on their properties under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

You must eradicate any deer that come onto your land as a result of recent escapes and recent migrations.

Learn about identifying feral deer in SA (PDF 316.1 KB)

Controlling escaped deer

It is the deer keeper’s responsibility to notify neighboring landowners of escaped farmed deer.

Anyone who has been notified by a deer keeper about escaped deer must allow 48hrs before:

  • destroying
  • selling
  • disposing

of any tagged farmed deer found wandering on their property.

Landowners who have seen a tagged deer on their property and have not been notified by a deer keeper are free to dispose of the deer, or contact any local deer keepers if they choose.

Control methods

Methods for effective control of deer are limited to shooting and trapping. A shooting program can be improved by spotlight shooting at night. Always use suitable calibre firearms, projectiles and shot placement.

Target female deer from April to mid-November for effective reproduction control. Destroying female deer outside these periods can leave unweaned young behind.

Detailed feral deer control techniques are available on the:


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