Mice are most problematic in low rainfall cereal-growing areas, where mouse plagues occur at irregular intervals of four to six years.

The introduced house mouse should not be confused with native rodents or 'marsupial mice'.

Control methods

Various mouse control options include:

  • The reduction of food sources especially spilled grain and weeds.
  • The reduction of available shelter.
  • Poison baiting especially at sowing.
  • Monitoring for an increase in:
    • mouse sightings
    • the number of burrows
    • droppings
    • crop damage
    • birds of prey.

Detailed mice control techniques are available on the:

Poison baiting

When using poison baits it is a legal requirement under the Agricultural and Veterinary Products (Control of Use) Act 2002 to:

  • use registered bait products
  • follow label instructions
  • not possess or use 'home-made' baits.

A number of registered bait products are available to control mice. Your local chemical retailer will be able to advise you on the right product for your situation.


Mouse control advice

Private agronomists

Using poison baits

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