SureSeed® quality assurance program

SureSeed® is a quality assurance seed program for testing bulk and bagged seed lots sold in Australia.

The program offers a low cost alternative to other seed certification schemes. It allows growers and seed companies to produce high quality sowing seeds.

SureSeed is joint project between Seed Services Australia and AGWEST Plant Laboratories

Program features

  • Approval  and audit of crop inspectors  and seed testers .
  • Quality assurance documentation and measures to reduce contamination
  • Sale of seed in bulk or bagged lots.
  • Sale by SureSeed® seed analysis statement.
  • Use of advanced technologies to verify the quality of seed.

Quality assurance standards and principles

  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development seed scheme principles.
  • International Seed Testing Association rules.
  • Australian Seed Federation national code of practice for seed labelling and marketing.
  • Quality assurance risk management principles.

Crop varieties grown with SureSeed®

All registered varieties of broadacre crops can be grown through the SureSeed® program. Other species are approved on request.

Selling SureSeed® seeds

Seed produced through the within the SureSeed® program must be:

SureSeed© can be sold in bulk or bagged lots.


Seed Services Australia
Phone: 1300 364 322

AGWEST Plant Laboratories
Phone: (08) 9368 3721

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