Southern Rock Lobster

Southern Rock Lobster

Minimum legal length:

measured along the middle and on the top of the carapace (the main body shell) from the front edge of the groove between the antennae (frontal tubercule) to the rear edge of the carapace (but not including any hairs attached to the carapace). The measuring device used must be able to fit firmly into the groove between the antennae.

  • Northern zone: 10.5 cm.
  • Southern zone: 9.85 cm.

Map of zones (JPG 162.2 KB).

Personal daily bag limit:4 Rock Lobster per person, per day.
Daily boat limit:
  • 4 per day if taken by 1 person
  • 8 per day if taken by more than 1 person.
Handling your catchAll Rock Lobster taken by recreational fishers must have the middle tail fan clipped in half to a recognisable straight line before landing.
Restrictions:Females with external eggs are totally protected and must be returned to the water immediately.
Rock Lobster pots must be registered.
Closed areas:Closures
Closed season: Northern Zone
Southern Zone
More information

See closure information.
See lobster pot regulations.
Rock lobster brochure (PDF 388.0 KB).

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