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This page includes resources that explore the concept and working reality of clusters. We have collated these resources to help:

  • cluster facilitators
  • cluster participants
  • those working closely with clusters.


How industry clusters can spur industry growth

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has helped form more than 40 industry clusters since 2009, fostering new regional activity and competitive centers for entrepreneurial growth.

Texas industry clusters

This video includes information about the advanced technology and manufacturing cluster, aerospace and defense, biotechnology and life sciences cluster, the IT cluster, petroleum refining and chemical products and the energy cluster.

Industry clusters – what is it all about?

Tim Reis, Lakeshore Industry Cluster Initiative Chair, explains what their Initiative is.

Industrial districts and clustering

This video is from the Department of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

2013 Innovation Summit – reports from cluster chairs

The 2013 Innovation Summit brought together industry, government and education to forge a brighter economic future for Southeast Alaska.

Furniture Industry cluster in Malaysia

This video talks about the development of the cluster.

Can industrial cluster strategy improve the competitiveness of industry

A presentation from Louis Chete.

Industry Clusters hold promise

The economic development group NorTech has identified two industry clusters as having the most potential for Northeast Ohio: flexible electronics and advanced energy.

Cluster policy

This video discusses cluster policy both from an angle of traditional policies, where a cluster perspective can enhance the value of a certain policy, and from an angle of more active industry and innovation policies targeting clusters.

Examples are drawn from a number of countries and regions around Europe.


  • Professor Örjan Sölvell, Director, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC), Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.
  • Dr Christian Ketels, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC), Sweden.
  • Ms Madeline Smith, Head of Innovation, EKOS, United Kingdom.
  • Mr Werner Pamminger, CEO, Clusterland Upper Austria, Austria.
  • Ms Pavla Bøusková, CEO, Regional Development Agency Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • Mr Juan M. Esteban, Basque Government, Basque Country, Spain.


Cluster dynamics

This first video in the series - 'ON CLUSTERS' is about cluster dynamics.

The videos discuss issues such as:

  • What differentiates clusters from mere agglomerations?
  • What drives the inner dynamics of clusters?
  • Where do clusters emerge? And why do they dissolve?

Examples are drawn from around the world.


  • Professor Örjan Sölvell, Director, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC), Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.
  • Dr Göran Lindqvist, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC), Sweden.


Cluster management

The third video in the series 'ON CLUSTERS' is about management of organised clusters. The European Cluster Observatory has identified some 1,200 cluster organisations only in Europe. One of the most influential cluster practitioners in the world, Mr Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, acts as a co-host in the program.

The program raises several important issues around cluster management, such as:

  • key objectives and activities
  • governance and financing
  • the crucial role of the cluster manager, sometimes referred to as cluster facilitator or process leader.

The program has invited several guests who are involved in cluster management. Examples are mostly drawn from Sweden.

  • Professor Örjan Sölvell, Director, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC), Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden.
  • Mr Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, CEO, Cluster Navigators Ltd, New Zealand.
  • Mr Mats Williams, Paper Province, Värmland, Sweden.
  • Ms Maria Engholm, Triple Steelix, Borlänge, Sweden.
  • Mr Johan P Bång, Future Position X, Gävle, Sweden.
  • Ms Cristina Petrescu, Head of R&D, Tieto, Sweden.
  • Ms Kerstin Norén, Rector, Karlstad University, Sweden.
  • Mr Øyvind Michelsen, CEO, Oslo Renewable and Environment Cluster, Norway.
  • Mr Staffan Bjurulf, Regional Advisor, Region Värmland, Sweden.
  • Dr Jorge-Andres Sanchez-Papaspiliou, Corallia Clusters Initiative, Greece.


Cluster papers

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