Fight Food Waste and Fraud Cooperative Research Centre


To protect and profit Australia’s food and wine industry.

About the CRC

The Fight Food Waste and Fraud Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) aims to tackle the growing international problem of food waste and fraud by developing the circular food economy in Australia to valorise 'waste', and by protecting the integrity and provenance of our food and wine products, both domestically and abroad.

The proposed Fight Food Waste and Fraud CRC directly supports the Federal Government's science and research priorities in food, advanced manufacturing and health, and aligns with the Food and Agribusiness Sector Competitiveness Plan prepared by Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL). Specifically, the proposed CRC aligns with the plan's four knowledge priorities:

  1. Food security and sustainability
  2. Enhanced production and value addition
  3. A global marketplace
  4. The future customer

The Fight Food Waste and Fraud CRC will take a triple-bottom line approach to preventing and transforming food waste and developing the circular food economy, and a commercialisation focus to developing the next generation provenance confirmation diagnostics and intelligent packaging that are aimed at protecting 'Brand Australia'.

How to get involved

  1. Email Steve Lapidge to register your organisation's interest.
  2. Request a teleconference or presentation in June for your organisation to directly discuss the opportunity.
  3. Get involved in bid preparations through the working group.
  4. Sign up for the non-binding Stage 1 Expression of Interest that will be submitted in July.

Find out more

Read the Fight Food Waste and Fraud CRC prospectus (PDF 980.0 KB) to find out more or contact Dr Steve Lapidge, or 0401 990 367.

Page Last Reviewed: 19 May 2017
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