Regional Development Australia Grant Fund

From 1 July 2014, the South Australian Government made an additional $1.6 million available to regional communities through their non-metropolitan Regional Development Australia associations (RDAs).

This meets the Government’s commitment to bring its annual contribution to the RDA network to $3 million for 4 years from 1 July 2014.

For 2015-16 to 2017-18, RDAs receive State funding to:

  • identify and drive priority activities that will generate economic development in South Australia’s regional areas, taking into account the resources and aspirations of regional communities as well as the plans of the State, Commonwealth and local governments
  • assist stakeholders and proponents to develop viable project proposals and support them to identify and access relevant funding sources (public and/or private)
  • provide advice to the South Australian Government on the issues, challenges and opportunities to economic development in regional areas
  • assist the State, Commonwealth and local governments to promote awareness of government initiatives and access to government programs.

This grant funding is to support the Government’s efforts to grow stronger, sustainable and competitive regions.

The Fund offers support in delivering best results-driven outcomes for regions from programs or projects that:

  • deliver new jobs
  • deliver new investment
  • improve economic infrastructure
  • address a critical regional economic development need
  • are strategically important for:
    • the State
    • the region(s)
    • major industry sectors
  • address issues identified by the community as a current or emerging economic priority
  • represent the best value in the expenditure of public funds
  • directly contribute towards the achievement of the:
    • relevant SASP targets
    • State Government’s seven Strategic Priorities
    • 10 State Economic Priorities
    • regional priorities of the Government and Regions SA.

Successful grant recipients


Contact the Regions SA Grants Manager on (08) 8429 0506 for more information.

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