Two Wells to Whyalla (2W2W) Economic Corridor

The 340km of fertile land running north from Two Wells through Port Augusta and around to Whyalla is one of South Australia's quiet economic achievers. The State Government is focussed on attracting investment and expansion in the Two Wells to Whyalla (2W2W) Economic Corridor.


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2W2W and our regions

South Australia's growth and economic prosperity are closely linked to our regions, which contribute $25 billion a year to the economy and producer more than half of the state's merchandise exports.

The 2W2W Economic Corridor includes some of the state's most productive farmland, as well as grain, livestock, and food processing facilities servicing surrounding regions.

The area has seen substantial growth over the last 10 years, through well-established and highly productive agriculture, access to secure water sources, and skilled labour force.

The 2W2W Economic Corridor is poised to become one of the nation's most vibrant and successful food production areas and an important diversified industrial manufacturing and processing hub, with associated energy, transport, and logistics support industries.


The State Government is focussed on attracting new businesses to the Economic Corridor, helping existing businesses to grow, and ultimately generating jobs with the economic and social impacts bringing opportunity to all South Australians.

The potential of 2W2W will be backed by the State Government's comprehensive $550 million Energy Plan , which will increase power security, boost competition, and put downward pressure on prices.

Through the 2W2W Economic Corridor, the State Government will:

  • Increase economic infrastructure
  • Reduce regional red tape to assist in development planning
  • Offer attractive investment opportunities
  • Harness innovative technology and research and development.


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