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Increasing the sophistication of farm mechanisation has been crucial in allowing the wheat industry in South Australia to remain competitive with the rest of the world since its beginnings in the early 19th Century. Where the labour of humans and animals originally provided the energy needed to produce food, the increasing efficiency of machinery has enabled more efficient food production, particularly where the standard of measurement of efficiency is grain output per person. The trend towards greater mechanisation has seen a steady decline in the population in rural areas and deserted and ruined farm houses stand as a testimony to this today. The trend continues today, albeit at a slower pace, as farms continue to grow in size and become more efficient, generally larger machines contribute to greater productivity per capita of farm labour.

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Real Horse Power
Clearing Land
Preparing the Land for Cropping
Scarifiers and Cultivators
Rod Weeder
Prickle Chain
Blade and Chisel Ploughs
Sowing Machinery
Nutrient Application Technology
Crop Harvesting
Ridley’s Stripper
Further Developments in Harvesting Technology
Grain Handling
Wheat Storage and Handling

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