Introduced pest animals and weeds in South Australia

Pest animals and weeds threaten the full potential, sustainability and benefits of agricultural, pastoral, industrial and public enterprises or works; conservation and biodiversity; and the health and safety of people. The control of introduced pest animals and weeds has therefore been a high priority in South Australia since settlement.

Given this long-standing effort, it is important to properly record the successes and disappointments relating to this effort. The articles that make up this series begin with an article setting out why the control of introduced pest animals and weeds is necessary and another on the list of Acts of the South Australian Parliament from 1837–2003 that relate to the control of introduced pest animals and weeds. Thereafter, articles are based on chronological periods of activity, the periods being, 1836–1880, 1881–1920, 1921–1970 and 1971–2003.

Documents for 1881 onwards remain in preparation and will be added when complete.

Page Last Reviewed: 22 Jan 2019
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