Leasing and licensing

Lease and licence regulations promote ecologically sustainable development of the aquaculture industry in South Australia.

Marine and landbased aquaculture requires a licence in South Australia. Leases are also required for marine aquaculture.

Leases and licences include conditions that must be followed.

Lease and licence applications

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) Fisheries and Aquaculture takes applications for:

Note: Pursuant to the Aquaculture Act 2001 PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture is unable to consider aquaculture applications for the division, movement, or amalgamation of an aquaculture lease, if the aquaculture lease site is associated with a lease for a land title registered under the Real Property Act 1886. To assist in determining whether an aquaculture lease site is associated, please visit www.aginsight.sa.gov.au


All lease and licences have annual fees. Fees are reviewed annually.

Assessing lease and licence applications

The majority of new applications must pass through a consultation process.

Stakeholders are notified about new applications, including:

  • the general public
  • relevant fishing industry bodies
  • nearby aquaculture licence holders.

Notification includes enough details of the application to identify potential conflicts or concerns about the proposal. The application is also referred to other South Australian government agencies.

The majority of new applications have an Ecologically Sustainable Development risk assessment. The assessment is based on a nationally accredited framework to assess the sustainability of the activity in relation to its potential impact on the environment.

Licence holder information

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