Applying for a land-based aquaculture licence

Land-based aquaculture requires a licence to enable the farming of aquatic organisms for the purposes of trade, business or research, to be undertaken on a parcel of land. The licence holder must have permission to use that parcel of land.

Landbased aquaculture licence categories

Landbased licences are classified into categories A, B, C and D. The licence category allocated to a given licence depends on the level of regulation and administration required to manage the risks associated with each aquaculture activity, from lowest (Category A) to highest (Category D).

There are multiple factors used to assess the level of regulation, including:

  • The scale of intensity of the farming activity
  • Discharge of wastewater and treatment of water prior to discharge
  • Whether the species are native to the area
  • Susceptibility of the farmed species to a notifiable disease.

Applications for aquaculture landbased licences must be submitted directly to PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Enquiries and application forms

For enquiries about the application process or to request an application form email

More information

See the landbased licence holder responsibilities.

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