PIRSA services to aquaculture industry 2014-15


The documents on this page give details of:

  • cost recovery programs for each aquaculture sector for 2014/15
  • summaries of policy and management program outcomes
  • research reports.

Abalone industry

Finfish industry

Intertidal Mollusc (Oyster) industry

Land-based aquaculture industry

Southern Blue Fin Tuna industry

Subtidal Mollusc (Mussels) industry

Research reports

Li, X. and Rodda, K. South Australian Research and Development Institute (Aquatic Sciences) 2015, Investigation to address key policy gaps associated with the development of clam farming in South Australia: genetic and health issues aligned to translocation and stock identification (PDF 1.3 MB). Final Report for the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. South Australian Research and Development Institute (Aquatic Sciences), Adelaide. 41pp. 

Page Last Reviewed: 29 Jul 2015
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