Lease opportunities

Invitation for aquaculture tenure

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA), on behalf of the Minister, invite qualified individuals and businesses to apply for lease area within the Point Pearce (west) and Point Pearce (east) intertidal aquaculture zones.

Being non-public call areas, PIRSA welcomes applications to be submitted to the Aquaculture Tenure Allocation Board (ATAB) at any time.

How to apply:

  1. Investigate and assess zones for their suitability. Consider the aquaculture zone boundaries and any existing operators in the area (if applicable).
  2. Apply for one site, or both sites across the zones by completing the relevant application form for each zone (see below).
  3. Submit your completed application/s via post or email at any time.

Aquaculture Policy, Fisheries and Aquaculture, PIRSA
GPO Box 1625

The ATAB will assess applications against the Minister’s Assessment Guidelines (PDF 302.2 KB) and make recommendations to the Minister (or delegate of the Minister) for a lease.

A recommendation does not guarantee the applicant will be successful in securing an aquaculture lease or corresponding licence.

Aquaculture (Zones – Eastern Spencer Gulf) Policy 2005 and Supporting Report

Application forms

Point Pearce (east) intertidal zone

Point Pearce (west) intertidal zone


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