Aquaculture Regulation review

PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture recently completed a review of the Aquaculture Regulations 2005.

This review involved consultation and collaboration with aquaculture industry stakeholders, state government agencies and the broader community.

Amendments to the Regulations have now been developed that will support the future growth and prosperity of the aquaculture industry in a productive, competitive and ecologically sustainable way. Detailed information on the new regulations and relevant changes is provided in the Aquaculture Legislation in South Australia (PDF 595.5 KB) booklet.

The amendments aim to:

  • reflect recent changes to the Aquaculture Act 2001
  • incorporate reforms identified during the review
  • streamline administrative processes to reduce red tape.

The new Aquaculture Regulations 2016 commenced on 7 July 2016.

Regulation changes

Below are the main changes to the regulations.

Strengthening biosecurity outcomes

The new regulations strengthen biosecurity outcomes by:

  • simplifying stock register requirements to ensure that all information required to be captured is essential to achieving biosecurity outcomes
  • refining stock register requirements to ensure traceability of stock
  • providing for sector-based mortality reporting, to better tailor regulatory requirements to industry sectors and to support development of best practice arrangements.

Streamlining the development of aquaculture strategies

The new regulations streamline the development of aquaculture strategies by:

  • providing for the development of sector-based aquaculture strategies, to better tailor regulatory requirements to industry sectors and to reduce the regulatory burden for individual aquaculture operators
  • allowing for urgent amendment of aquaculture strategies where required.

Implementing a revised environmental monitoring program

The new regulations implement a revised environmental monitoring program that will:

  • ensure more effective environmental reporting requirements for aquaculture operators
  • allow the Minister to grant an exemption from environmental reporting requirements where the impact of aquaculture operations on the environment is negligible
  • incorporate internationally-recognised best practice monitoring techniques, further consolidating South Australia’s clean, green credentials
  • ensure a more transparent and appropriate reporting framework.

Reducing red tape

The new regulations will reduce red tape for the aquaculture industry by:

  • allowing licensees to register a unique marking code so that they do not have to remove and replace markings when using infrastructure across multiple licensed sites
  • removing unnecessary record keeping and reporting information
  • allowing the Minister to waive the requirement for fallowing of farming structures where this is unnecessary or where this would cause harm to the environment
  • removing redundant regulations such as those referring to aquaculture occurring on a navigable vessel.

For further information on any of the changes, contact the Aquaculture Policy and Environment Unit on 8226 0900 or email

Updates on the implementation of the Regulations will be made available on this page.

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