Artisan on-farm meat processing on Kangaroo Island

The State Government has delivered on its election commitment to investigate the regulation of artisan meat processing on Kangaroo Island (KI).

An independent feasibility study assessing the viability of artisan meat processing on Kangaroo Island is now available for review.

The report indicates a small or medium-sized processing facility could provide a good return on investment and would also have significant community support.

The report also provides essential information for any investors interested in exploring the possibility of establishing a processing facility.

Read the full report (PDF 548.5 KB).

Standards and regulations that must be considered

To ensure public safety and product suitability, all meat produced in Australia for human consumption must comply with the national

In South Australia processors also need to comply with the:

The same standards apply to the production of artisan products for commercial/retail sale.


If you have any questions contact:

PIRSA Biosecurity Food Safety
Phone: 08 8429 0837

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