Artisan on-farm meat processing on Kangaroo Island

The State Government has an election commitment to investigate the regulation of artisan meat processing with the view to allow such processing to occur on Kangaroo Island (KI).

Currently there are no dedicated livestock processing facilities on Kangaroo Island and the majority of livestock is transported off the Island, for processing elsewhere. KI has only a few accredited facilities to process and handle raw meats (e.g. retail butcher) and cold storage and distribution facilities.

Artisan on-farm meat processing community consultation - now closed

PIRSA began investigating options to allow artisan meat processing that:

  • balances the needs of KI producers and residents
  • ensures public safety and product stability is maintained in compliance with national food and meat safety standards.

A discussion paper (PDF 467.1 KB) that outlined the processing options was released for public consultation with the Kangaroo Island community. The consultation period has closed and all written submissions will be forwarded to the Minister for Primary Industries and Regions for consideration.

Standards and regulations that must be considered

To ensure public safety and product suitability, all meat produced in Australia for human consumption must comply with the national Food Standards Code and Australian meat food safety standards.

In South Australia processors also need also need to comply with the Food Act 2001 and the Primary Produce (Food Safety Schemes) (Meat) Regulations 2017.

The same standards apply to the production of artisan products for commercial/retail sale.

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