Feral Pig Eradication Program on Kangaroo Island

Feral pigs are a major pest on Kangaroo Island, causing severe economic and environmental impacts to Kangaroo Island’s farms and native ecosystems.

The $2.67 million Feral Pig Eradication Program has been established with the aim of removing the pest from the island.

Help to eradicate feral pigs

Equipment, bait and training are available to Kangaroo Island landholders at no cost to help you control feral pigs on your property.

Support includes:

  • traps and baits to place on your property
  • help destroying pigs on your property
  • feral pig control training
  • advice on controlling feral pigs.

To access support or equipment contact the Feral Pig Coordinator.

What to do if you see or suspect feral pigs on your property

  • report the sighting immediately
  • destroy them where possible
  • report any destroyed pigs.

How to report feral pig sightings

If you have seen feral pigs, or signs of feral pig activity, you can report them through:

Spotting the signs of feral pigs

Signs of feral pigs include:

  • rooting (diggings)
  • wallows
  • pig tracks or scats
  • damage to fencing.

Baiting for feral pigs

Baiting for feral pigs is conducted with minimal risks to domestic dogs, livestock and wildlife. Several baits are available for use:

In summer and autumn, feral pigs have the least access to food, and so are more susceptible to baiting and trapping. In winter and spring, feral pigs disperse and are less likely to take baits, but they are more likely to move about in the open and their diggings are more obvious.

Contact the Feral Pig Coordinator for help and advice about using baits on your property.

About the Feral Pig Eradication program

During the 2019/20 bushfires 211,000 hectares of land from the Western border were burnt. The bushfires wiped out most of the feral pigs on Kangaroo Island, leaving only a small population remaining.

This has created a unique opportunity to eradicate feral pigs from the Island.

Feral pigs cost Kangaroo Island an estimated $1 million annually. Removing feral pigs will eliminate these costs and reduce impacts on the recovering biodiversity, including many endangered plants and animals.

The three-year program is a partnership between the Department of Primary Industries and Regions and the Kangaroo Island Landscape Board. Three staff are based on Kangaroo Island. Along with the Feral Pig Control Coordinator, two staff are employed through the KI Landscape Board, to provide on-the-ground support for landholders' pig culling activities.

The community-led program to eradicate feral pigs by 2023 is overseen by a Steering Committee, with members from:

  • Kangaroo Island Landscape Board
  • Agriculture Kangaroo Island
  • Livestock SA
  • Australian Pork Limited
  • KI Plantation Timbers
  • National Parks and Wildlife Service
  • KI Council

The Kangaroo Island Feral Pig Eradication Program is funded by State and Commonwealth Government Disaster Recovery Arrangements.

The Action Plan for the Eradication of Feral Pigs on Kangaroo Island

The Action Plan for the Eradication of Feral Pigs on Kangaroo Island (PDF 1.7 MB) outlines the governance, budget, tools, as well as operations for the eradication program.

Estimating the feasibility of eradicating feral pigs

Modelling by the Flinders University Global Ecology Laboratory shows the likelihood and feasibility of feral pig eradication under different funding and eradication scenarios. With enough funding, feral pigs could be eradicated from Kangaroo Island in 2 years. See the paper Eradication of pigs on Kangaroo Island: updated predictions to inform the probability of eradication (PDF 1.7 MB).


Matt Korcz
Kangaroo Island Feral Pig Coordinator
Email: Matt.Korcz@sa.gov.au
Phone: 0438 117 513

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