Accreditation for Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) and Compliance Arrangement (CA)

Australian businesses can apply for accreditation under the Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) scheme or the Compliance Arrangement (CA) scheme. 

Accreditation is an arrangement between your business and Biosecurity SA that allows you to issue Plant Health Assurance Certificates (PHAC) for your produce in accordance with an operational procedure. 

PHACs are accepted in all states and the Northern Territory. They have the same legal authority as Plant Health Certificates (PHC) issued by government inspectors. 

ICA arrangements allow you to export your produce to any state in Australia that accepts the ICA. CA's in general allow you to export your produce to a single state or territory and are used for import clearance in South Australia or other special or limited arrangements. 

Apply for ICA and CA accreditation

Accreditation is required for each ICA and CA operational procedure that you need to meet your quarantine requirements. Read the relevant operational procedure and decide whether the accrediation will meet your requirements.

Complete a separate application form for each operational procedure. 

Download the ICA and CA operational procedure application forms or to ask for the forms to be sent to you email,  phone (08) 8207 7820.  

Forward completed application forms to the: 

Interstate Certification Assurance Officer
Biosecurity SA Plant Health
33 Flemington Street
Glenside SA 5065

Applications must be lodged at least 10 working days before the date you would like to start certifying your produce.

Accreditation must be renewed each year. 

ICA and CA accreditation fees

Accreditation fees are listed on page 5 of the Plant Health Regulations 2009 or email  or phone (08) 8207 7814.

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