Revised declared animal policy (Wild Dogs and Dingoes) Consultation

The revised policy (PDF 1.8 MB) has been developed through Primary Industries and Regions SA in consultation with the South Australian Wild Dog Advisory Group, the Department of Environment and Water, Natural Resource Management boards and other industry and community stakeholders.

The objectives of the revised policy are to:

  • Maintain the Dog Fence to prevent incursions of wild dogs.
  • Virtually eradicate wild dogs inside the Dog Fence.
  • Minimise the impacts of wild dogs on cattle outside the Dog Fence.

The intended outcomes will:

  • Protect and support the growth of South Australia’s resilient sheep industry.
  • Reduce the risk of wild dogs attacking people.
  • Maintain the ecological role of wild dogs outside the Dog Fence and their role in Aboriginal culture.

The main changes proposed include:

  • Requiring landholders to follow minimum baiting standards inside the Dog Fence (see Appendix 1 within the policy for proposed frequency and intensity).
  • Declaring wild dogs for control in a buffer zone of 35 kilometres outside the Dog Fence, including the fence that borders NSW.
  • Setting a baiting standard for the buffer zone.
  • Allowing aerial baiting of wild dogs in all NRM regions.

Providing feedback

Anyone with an interest in, or impacted by, the management of wild dogs in South Australia is invited to comment on the revised Declared Animal Policy (Wild dogs and dingoes).

Your responses will be taken into consideration by PIRSA, NRM boards, and the Minister for Environment and Water.

You can provide your feedback by:

Consultations will close at 5pm Friday 17 April.

Further information

Revised Declared Animal Policy (Wild dogs and dingoes) (PDF 1.8 MB)

South Australian Wild Dog Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (PDF 1.9 MB)

Policy on the management of dingo populations in South Australia, 2011 (PDF 114.9 KB)

Media release from the Minister for Primary Industries and Regions, Tim Whetstone


Wild dog control advice

Natural Resources website (Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources)

Wild Dog Planning Coordinator

Phone: (08) 8303 9620


Dog fence advice

South Australian Dog Fence Board

Phone: (08) 8303 9517

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