Buffel grass

Buffel grass is a declared plant under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004.

The sale and movement of buffel grass in South Australia is prohibited.

Information on the identification, habitat and distribution of buffel grass in SA is available via the links below.

Controlling buffel grass on your property

Legal requirements for controlling buffel grass on your property will depend on your local Natural Resource Management (NRM) region, with:

  • enforced control required in the:
    • Alinytjara Wilurara
    • Northern and Yorke
    • SA Arid Lands NRM regions
  • enforced destruction required in the remainder of the Sate.

Contact your local Natural Resources centre about controlling buffel grass in your region.

Effects of buffel grass infestation

Buffel grass can create:

  • a significant fire threat
  • a loss of native vegetation and habitats
  • competition with other plants for water and nutrients

Buffel grass is an environmental weed due to its:

  • rapid growth rate
  • fast maturation
  • prolonged flowering period
  • prolific seed production
  • high seed dispersal
  • long seed dormancy
  • drought tolerance
  • fire resistance
  • grazing resistance.

Co-ordinated management

A co-ordinated control approach has been developed in the revised:


Buffel grass control advice

Contact your local Natural Resources centre
Web: www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au



Buffel grass surveys and modeling

Buffel grass fact sheets


Other useful resources

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