Case Studies

Better production for chicken and pork

South Australia is a national research leader in improving the production of intensive livestock production industries – poultry and pork.

The challenge

Chicken meat production and processing is the fastest growing livestock industry in South Australia. South Australia has also emerged as a leading processor of pork in Australia.

To support continued growth in these industries, South Australia has taken the lead of pig and poultry research, development and extension (RD&E) under a national framework set by the Primary Industries Standing Committee.

South Australia also was handed responsibility for building capabilities in animal welfare research under this initiative.

The solution

In 2012-13, the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) joined forces with the University of Adelaide School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences at Roseworthy Campus to form centres of excellence in animal research, development, education and training in the poultry and pork sectors.

Working with local producers, the Southern Star Poultry Alliance and Southern Pork Alliance focus on whole-of-value-chain innovations to ensure a more efficiently, sustainable and profitable chicken meat, egg and pork industry.   

In 2014, SARDI and the University of Adelaide were invited to become partners in the Animal Welfare Science Centre, the largest research, development and training centre for livestock and companion animals in the Southern Hemisphere.

The outcome

Growing expertise at Roseworthy Campus is resulting in a range of technical advice and innovation for the poultry, chicken egg, pork and related food processing industries.

Research programs at SARDI now cover a wide range of capabilities, from animal nutrition, housing, hygiene, reproduction, health and welfare through to food safety and product development. 

SARDI maintains modern laboratory and animal research facilities at Roseworthy and is building extensive industry and producer partnerships and networks.

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