Major programs

Rural Solutions SA delivers State and Commonwealth Government and industry funded major programs. Our capacity and experience in delivering major programs is second to none.

Our major program delivery services include:

  • program and business case development
  • contracting
  • community and industry engagement
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • case management
  • financial management
  • communications and media management
  • project management and reporting.

We ensure that program delivery is strategically aligned with South Australian Government priorities and program investment outcomes and objectives.

PIRSA’s Corporate Plan (PDF 1.2 MB) outlines our priorities and how we will deliver them.

  • A Modern Transport System for Agriculture: A New Partnership Approach project
  • Northern Adelaide Food Park
  • SA Food Innovation Program
  • South Australian River Murray Sustainability (SARMS) Program
  • New Horizons Program
  • Great Australian Bight Research Program
  • Australian Pastures Genebank
  • Sterile insect technology (SIT) facility
  • Regional grants and loans.
Page Last Reviewed: 25 Jan 2016
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