Soil protection

Nearly 3.2 million hectares of the State’s agricultural land are inherently susceptible to wind and water erosion.

PIRSA and its predecessors has worked with farmers; farmer, industry and community groups; and other government agencies for more than 75 years to rehabilitate eroded land and reduce the risk of erosion occurring.

The adoption of agricultural practices and systems such as stubble retention, reduced or no-tillage systems and better livestock grazing management, have improved soil surface cover and reduced soil disturbance. These are two key factors in protecting soils from erosion.

Erosion can and still does occur however the likelihood and frequency of its occurrence has been significantly reduced by the implementation of sustainable farming practices.


PIRSA soils and land management staff work with Department of Environment and Water (DEW) staff to monitor erosion risk on agricultural lands and identify areas at risk of erosion, such as during drought.

PIRSA and DEW collaborate with farmers, industry and community groups and NRM regions to promote, support and encourage adoption of practices that will protect soils from erosion.

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