Why engage us

We are a proudly government owned consulting firm with a wealth of information and resources at our disposal. We are uniquely placed to link

  • industry
  • community
  • government

through partnerships that deliver outstanding solutions.

Our innovative and experienced consulting team is dedicated to understanding your specific requirements in order to deliver sound, reliable advice.

We look for areas where your organisational objectives align with state and federal government priorities and funding sources.

Our specialist expertise, industry knowledge and commitment to quality, ensures that we work in partnership with clients throughout project scoping and implementation to deliver on milestones.

Specialist consulting areas

  • Sustainable agriculture.
  • Livestock systems.
  • Broad acre farming.
  • Soil and water management.
  • Fisheries and aquaculture.
  • Food and fibre industries.
  • Export market access.
  • Environmental management and impact statements.
  • Biosecurity and pest management.
  • Coastal and waterways management plans.
  • Climate change adaptation.
  • Regulatory planning and approvals.
  • Industry research and development (R&D).
  • Technology transfer and modern extension practices.
  • Emergency management and response.
  • Communication and marketing.
  • International development.
  • Social research.
  • Community and indigenous engagement.
  • Job creation and enterprise development.
  • Remote and outback communities.


We have led or delivered in partnership a wide range of exciting, high impact projects and government programs including:

Consulting services

We offer a range of consulting services which can be tailored to suit project objectives and apply them across our specialist consulting areas.

Clients can engage us to provide all their project management needs or select specific services that add strength to and support their teams.

  • Project management, planning, risk assessment and approvals.
  • Major program delivery and administration.
  • Facilitation, extension and training.
  • Soil health and productivity management.
  • Seed testing and certification.
  • Biosecurity and pest management.
  • Communication and engagement planning, strategy and implementation.
  • Training and cultural awareness education.
  • Market access, export and value chain analysis.
  • Emergency response planning and management.
  • Irrigation design and water use efficiency planning.
  • Surveying, monitoring, evaluation and analysis.
  • Native vegetation clearance assessments, SEB valuations, impact assessments and restoration planning.
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