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COVID-19 and primary industries

This information is about how COVID-19 affects primary industry related businesses, such as agriculture, food and wine.

What you need to know

COVID-19 is not a foodborne disease

There is no evidence that food can transmit COVID-19 to humans. You can continue to supply, purchase and consume food as normal within the restrictions.

See our Restrictions on businesses and activities page and Workplace safety and hygiene page.

Primary industry production and the entire food supply chain are essential services

You can continue to operate as normal with consideration of social distancing and other restrictions.

See our Restrictions on businesses and activities page.

Veterinary and animal health/welfare are essential services

Agricultural supply chains can continue to operate, including with border closures.

See our Restrictions on businesses and activities page.

Livestock can't transmit COVID-19 to humans through contact

There is no evidence that the virus is transmitted to humans through animal contact.

See our Animal health page.

South Australian businesses need to adhere to robust biosecurity practices

With good, hygienic processes you can reduce the effects of the virus on your business and the public.

See our Workplace safety and hygiene page.

Key resources

SA Health COVID-19

  • Information for business and industry
  • Latest news and updates

Major emergency declaration and directions

Australian Government Department of Health COVID-19

Food Standards Australia New Zealand for advice and answers to questions, such as:

  • Can the virus be transmitted through food?
  • How do I prevent people in my business transmitting the virus?
  • Is soap and water enough for washing hands?
  • How do I properly clean and sanitise my equipment and facilities?
  • What if someone in my business is unwell?

FarmHub connect Australian farmers to a range of services and support.

Piper Alderman Coronavirus Resilience and Recovery – Legal Responses to COVID-19

Australian Tax Office

Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

My Business Health – a web portal designed to provide holistic support to small business owners, which now features a dedicated section for those struggling with the COVID-19 crisis.

Latest updates and announcements


South Australian Parliament sitting arrangements – 20 March 2020

State Government welcomes Federal economic stimulus – 12 March 2020


Protecting the community and local jobs – 7 April 2020

Pubs, clubs and Adelaide Oval benefit from Government's Jobs Rescue Package – 1 April 2020

Fast tracking infrastructure to support local jobs – 29 March 2020

$1 billion stimulus package to save SA jobs, businesses – 26 March 2020

Rescue package to save SA jobs – 26 March 2020

Health and wellbeing

More beds and stronger workforce at WCH – 6 April 2020

Building hospital capacity – 3 April 2020

FMC expansion brought forward to combat COVID-19 – 2 April 2020

Major boost for coronavirus contact tracing – 1 April 2020

Providing Essential Medicines to South Australians – 1 April 2020

SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line – 31 March 2020

Protective Face Mask Vending Machines Trial – 31 March 2020

SA company to make life-saving face masks in the fight against COVID-19 – 31 March 2020

Strong plan to ease hospital pressure amid coronavirus – 29 March 2020

New process to control spread of COVID-19 – 28 March 2020

Health Heroes’ Hospital – 25 March 2020

Nurses and midwives boost for COVID-19 response – 25 March 2020

Protecting Vulnerable South Australians From the Impacts of Coronavirus – 23 March 2020

South Australia's borders to close – 22 March 2020

Repat health precinct to ease COVID-19 demand – 21 March 2020

COVID-19 Command Centre launched – 20 March 2020

Marshall Government to establish two hospitals to manage the impact of coronavirus – 19 March 2020

Stronger powers to enforce COVID-19 self isolation – 19 March 2020

South Australia’s first regional COVID-19 clinic opens – 17 March 2020

Three new deputy Chief Public Health Officers appointed to strengthen SA Covid-19 response – 17 March 2020

Local communities set to benefit from $350 million stimulus – 12 March 2020

Australia’s First Drive-Through COVID-19 Testing Clinic – 10 March 2020

More Health Services to Ease Pressure on Emergency Departments – 9 March 2020

Free flu vaccine to protect homeless South Australians – 3 March 2020

Human services

$1.6 million funding boost to help vulnerable – 5 April 2020

$10 million maintenance stimulus to boost jobs, economy – 27 March 2020

Stimulus measures to support businesses and the community impacted by COVID-19 – 26 March 2020

Child protection

COVID-19 one-off cash boost for our foster and kinship carers – 19 March 2020

Skills and training

$16 million VET continuity package to maintain skills pipeline – 5 April 2020


Public transport changes in response to coronavirus – 3 April 2020

Further safety measures for Service SA centres – 1 April 2020

Increasing cleaning on public transport – 16 March 2020


Virtual classrooms to assist student learning – 3 April 2020

Pupil free days announced for SA schools – 26 March 2020

New central website to support home learning – 25 March 2020

Government increases hygiene support for schools – 24 March 2020

Business and industry

Fee and rent relief for nature-based tourism businesses – 3 April 2020

Fee relief for COVID-19 hit resources sector – 3 April 2020

Closure of wineries in South Australia – 30 March 2020

Temporary measures to support South Australia’s hospitality sector – 25 March 2020

Changes to rock lobster commercial fishing quota – 23 March 2020

New jobs lifeline: SA small and medium businesses supported to keep trading through Coronavirus crisis – 22 March 2020

Funding boost for businesses to continue skills training in challenging times – 19 March 2020

Supermarkets granted 24-hour weekday trade option and extended weekends in response to Coronavirus – 19 March 2020

Trade and investment

Industry taskforce to help keep our exports moving – 1 April 2020


Supporting the agricultural workforce during COVID-19 – 4 April 2020

Securing freight access for Australian agricultural and fisheries exporters – 1 April 2020

Agriculture saleyards and auctions can continue – 27 March 2020

National Cabinet update – 26 March 2020

National COVID-19 coordination commission – 26 March 2020

Agricultural jobs essential to Australia – 25 March 2020

Coronavirus measures – 24 March 2020

Strong industry and government ties through COVID-19 – 23 March 2020

Coronavirus measures – 22 March 2020

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