National emergency arrangements

The following national emergency plans and agreements have specific implications for PIRSA.

National biosecurity arrangements

The Commonwealth Department of Agriculture website has information about:

  • biosecurity in Australia
  • quarantine
  • legislation
  • risk analysis
  • partnerships
  • emergency preparedness.

National pests and disease outbreaks

The National pests and disease outbreaks website has information about:

  • current outbreaks
  • response plans
  • guidelines on how to protect your property
  • pest and disease information.

Animal health

Plant health

  • Plant Health Australia - peak national body for plant health in Australia. Information about plant pests, plant health preparedness, and prevention system.
  • PLANTPLAN - national guidelines covering procedures for emergency plant pest incursions affecting the Australian plant industries (created and maintained by Plant Health Australia).

Aquatic animal health

Australian Aquatic Veterinary Emergency Plan (AQUAVETPLAN) - series of manuals that outline Australia's approach to national disease preparedness, and response to aquatic animal disease emergencies.

Page Last Reviewed: 30 Oct 2014
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