Closures and aquatic reserves


Fishing closures apply to recreational and commercial fishers.

Closed areas help fish replenish their numbers by:

  • protecting spawning areas
  • letting juvenile fish grow in safety
  • reduce fishing pressure on stocks.

Fishing is banned in some areas all year.

Seasonal closures are declared to protect fished species during their breeding season. Any species caught during the closure period must be returned to the water immediately.

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Aquatic reserves

There are numerous aquatic reserves where fishing and other activities might be prohibited or restricted:

Marine parks and sanctuary zones

There are 19 marine parks in South Australia (SA). Like national parks, marine parks protect habitats, animals, plants, cultural heritage and geological formations.

Marine parks also contain specific sanctuary zones where where fishing and other activities might be restricted.

The Department of Environment and Water (DEW) is responsible for the management of SA's marine parks.

Information about marine park and sanctuary zone locations and permitted activities is available on the Marine Parks website.

Intertidal rocky reefs

Taking bottom dwelling organisms from any intertidal rock reefs in South Australia is prohibited.

Read more about intertidal rocky reefs and intertidal habitats.

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