Public register

A public register is required under the Fisheries Management Act 2007 to keep information relating to authorities and exemptions that can be accessed by the public.

People or organisations who have a financial or other interest in a commercial fishery licence formally noted on the Public Register have a right to be informed of changes to that licence before they are made. In certain circumstances the registered interest party will be required to consent to changes to an authority before a change can be made.

Go to the fisheries public register.

Using the Fisheries public register

To access information from the register first choose the field you want to search from the menu listed.

In the next screen enter a name or commercial licence number in the “Authority” text box and select search. Alternatively, select the arrow in the “Authority type” text box and choose one of the available categories and then select search.

Information kept on the public register

Authority information

Authorities include licence, permit, registration and the people or companies that hold them. The register of authorities must include:

  • The full name and postal address of each person in whose name the authority is held.
  • The full name and postal address of each director of the body corporate in the case of an authority held in the name of a body corporate.
  • Particulars of any conditions to which the authority is subject when undertaking fishing operations.
  • The number of demerit points recorded against the authority.
More information about demerit points for fishing offences.

Fishery authority information

  • The full name and postal address of the registered master of a boat registered for use under the authority.
  • Particulars of any boat registered for use under the authority.
  • Particulars of any device registered for use under the authority.
  • Particulars of any quota entitlements under the authority.
  • In the case of a fishery licence, any notation that a person specified by the holder of the licence has an interest in the licence.

Exemption information

Register of exemptions includes Ministerial exemptions which allow the holders to undertake an activity that would otherwise not be allowed under the Act.

For each exemption, the register of exemptions must include:

  • The full name and postal address of each person to whom the exemption applies.
  • Particulars of any condition to which the exemption is subject.
  • Information prescribed by the regulations.

Third party interest information

It is possible for a person to be nominated by a licence holder to have an interest in a licence. This information is held on the public register.

More information about third party interests.

Register of disqualified persons

The register of disqualified persons includes licence holders who have been disqualified from holding a licence, permit, registration or authority.

Licence holder history

The register contains a history of all licence holders, and transfers of the authority made since the commencement of the Act.

Fisheries public register availability

The application will present registration data extracted from the in-house Primary Industries and Regions SA registration system.

The extracted registration data will be updated at approximately 3:30pm on each working day.

The application has been developed to provide the public with 24-hour access to the registration data. Please note that there may be situations where the public register is not updated due to circumstances beyond our control.

Further information and help

You may request to see the Public Register at the head office of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Level 14, 25 Grenfell Street Adelaide if you do not have access to the internet or have trouble accessing this website.

Contact us if you have problems accessing or using the public register.

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