Seafood Advisory Forum nominations open

Driving development of a 10-year strategic plan

Nominations for applicants interested in joining the South Australian Seafood Advisory Forum are now closed.

The Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development is establishing a Seafood Advisory Forum to develop a 10-year plan to drive greater growth of South Australia’s seafood sector.

South Australia has many natural competitive advantages for seafood production and the South Australian Government recognises it has a key role in assisting the growth and realisation of opportunities. The forum will focus on key policy issues to support growth across all seafood sectors and consider opportunities for expansion in domestic and export markets, business development and skills and training.

Forum membership will include representatives from commercial fishing, charter fishing, recreational fishing, Aboriginal traditional fishing and aquaculture to facilitate strong and effective communication between all sectors. It will also include expertise-based positions in the areas of marketing and sales, chef/restauranteurs, retail, fish processing, industry development, training and skills.

Forum Membership

Nominations for the following seven industry positions are currently being assessed:

  • commercial fishing industry representative
  • charter fisher representative
  • aquaculture industry representative
  • commercial fishing entrepreneurial champion
  • charter fisher entrepreneurial champion
  • aquaculture entrepreneurial champion
  • Aboriginal traditional fishing entrepreneurial champion.

Nominations for four expertise-based positions are currently being assessed:

  • fish processer entrepreneurial champion
  • marketing and sales expert
  • stakeholder engagement and communication expert
  • skills and training expert.

Additional positions will be directly appointed to the forum by the Minister as follows:

  • Two recreational fishing positions will be nominated by the Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council.
  • An independent Chair will be appointed to lead the governance process, facilitate meetings and engagement with forum members and drive development of the 10-year strategic plan.
  • A PIRSA Food and Wine Ambassador with a chef/restauranteur background.
  • Three government officials will be appointed to the forum:
    • a PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture representative to provide expertise in fisheries and aquaculture management when requested
    • a SARDI representative to provide expertise in fisheries research when requested
    • a Department for Trade and Investment representative to provide expertise on trade and market development.

Assessment process

A selection panel has been established to provide transparency and probity to the nomination of forum members in the Seafood Advisory Forum. Selection panel members were appointed by the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development, and have expertise covering seafood industry development, research and governance.

Selection panel members:

  • Rob Kerin
  • Len Stephens
  • Jo Collins.

The selection panel will assess applications for eligibility and provide recommendations to the Minister on nominees that would be most suitable for positions on the forum.

Key dates

  • 9 June – Nominations open.
  • 30 June – Nominations close.
  • Early July – Selection panel meet to assess applications.
  • Mid July – Successful applicants notified. Members of South Australian Seafood Advisory Forum announced.


If you have any questions on the Seafood Advisory Forum, please contact:


Dr Belinda McGrath-Steer
General Manager, Fisheries Policy and Management

Phone: (08) 8226 0900

Page Last Reviewed: 01 Jul 2020
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