Marine mammals

Report marine mammals that are:

  • beached/stranded - only applies to whales and dolphins
  • injured
  • dead

to one of the following:

  • Department of Environment and Water: 0427 556 676
  • 24 hour FISHWATCH hotline: 1800 065 522
  • Mammals staff at the South Australian Museum: 0421 754 848 or 0412 708 012
  • Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organisation (08) 8262 5452 or 0411 057 551.

Seals and sea lions sleep and rest on beaches and structures. There is no need to report this behaviour unless the animal is obviously injured or distressed

Offences against marine mammals

It is an offence to kill, injure, or harass:

  • whales
  • dolphins
  • seals
  • sea lions.
Report offences against marine mammals to the Department of Environment and Water: 0427 556 676.

Information to report

Give the following information when reporting:

  • your contact details, and any other witness contact details
  • location of incident with as much detail as possible
  • time and date the incident or when it was first noticed
  • species or description of the animals, including size and number of animals involved
  • weather conditions
  • tide details
  • accessibility by boat or vehicle
  • what offence you witnessed
  • a description of the person or vehicles involved in the offence
  • any photographs or notes of the offence
  • any other relevant details.

Sick or stranded marine animals

If you find a sick or stranded marine mammal (including whales, seals, sea lions and dolphins) please contact your local Natural Resources Centre or marine wildlife rescue organisation. For more information please visit the National Parks and Wildlife Service webpage.

Page Last Reviewed: 28 Jul 2017
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