New fact sheets to help you identify abalone diseases

Two new fact sheets are now available to download from PIRSA’s website to help to keep South Australian abalone free from disease.

Abalone viral ganglioneuritis (AVG) and Perkinsus olseni are both notifiable diseases, meaning suspected cases must be reported immediately to Fishwatch on 1800 065 522.

Reports can be made 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Each fact sheet contains:

  • A detailed description of possible symptoms including a high-quality photo for a visual reference.
  • What to do if you suspect you have come into contact with infected abalone.
  • Guidelines for decontamination of vessels, equipment, gear and people.
  • How to report suspected cases of infection including how to store a sample.
  • Advice for using appropriate bait and berley to avoid spreading aquatic diseases.

Management advice is different for both AVG and Perkinsus so it’s important to view both documents and download them for easy reference.

Visit the PIRSA Aquatic Diseases web page for more information.

The protection of our aquatic environment through our environmental monitoring, aquatic animal health programs and strict zoning requirements ensures South Australian seafood retains a high standard of environmental credentials.

Page Last Reviewed: 08 Aug 2018
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