Narungga name chosen for shellfish reef

Local school children have officially named Ardrossan’s four hectare shellfish reef ‘Windara Reef’, in reference to the Narungga name for the eastern Yorke Peninsula region.

Narungga was made up of four clans which shared the Guuranda (the Yorke Peninsula), separated into Kurnara in the north of the peninsula, Dilpa in the south, Wari in the west and Windarra in the east.

Windara Reef is the first shellfish restoration reef of its kind in South Australia and will contribute to a healthier marine environment, improved recreational fishing opportunities and increased tourism to the region.

Through the provision of food and habitat, the reef will help support fish production, increase water quality and assist with prevention of coastal erosion.

The reef will also enhance tourism and fishing in the Yorke Peninsula area; it is set to become a fishing hot-spot for species including King George Whiting and Snapper.

The second stage will expand the site to 20 hectares by the end of 2018, making it the largest project of its kind in the country.

More information on the reef project.

Page Last Reviewed: 02 Nov 2017
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