100,000 Murray Cod fingerlings to be released

Recreational fishers may have a greater chance of snagging the iconic River Murray fish in years to come.

In early 2016, around 100,000 Murray Cod fingerlings will be released into the South Australian section of the River Murray as part of the State Government’s stock enhancement program to boost the local Murray Cod population.

PIRSA Director Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy, Sean Sloan, said the stocking was a landmark step for the River Murray ecosystem and community.

“Murray Cod is an iconic river fish and a popular species among recreational fishers,” Mr Sloan said.

“This trial is an important step in determining whether stocking could be a viable option for establishing a healthy population and sustainable recreational fishery for Murray Cod once more.”

“A successful stock enhancement program will not only boost the Murray Cod population in SA but also has the potential to generate improved recreational fishing and tourism opportunities for our river communities.”

While the location and exact timing of the fingerling’s release is still to be determined to ensure the best opportunity for success, interested parties are invited to attend a public meeting tonight:

Wednesday, 20 January 2016
Remark Hotel, 7pm-9pm

The Murray Cod Stock Enhancement Project is led by PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture, with a working group of representatives from SARDI Aquatic Sciences, the Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources, RecFish SA and industry experts.

The fingerlings have been purchased from interstate native fish hatcheries, with the planning and delivery of this project being undertaken in conjunction with experts from Fisheries Victoria.

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