New report catches the status of SA fisheries

A comprehensive report outlining the stock status of 45 fish species in South Australia has been released.

The Status of South Australian Fisheries Report, which covers marine, estuarine and freshwater fish, crustaceans and shellfish, outlines current stock levels of key South Australian fish species.

The report, carried out through independent biological assessments by SARDI, assesses the best available biological, economic and management information to determine stock levels.

The key points in the report are:

  • 19 of the 45 species are sustainable
  • 13 are transitional-depleting or transitional-recovering
  • 12 undefined
  • one is overfished – the Port River Mud Cockle.

The report provides seafood consumers and the wider community with information and confidence that our fisheries are being managed for sustainability, with best practice management, compliance and research programs in place to allow for adaptive management of our fish stocks.

Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell said the State Government would continue to monitor stocks and work with all fishing sectors to ensure there is robust monitoring, assessment, management and compliance programs in place.

“Our fish stocks are a precious resource but they are constantly changing because of environmental conditions, natural population fluctuations and fishing pressure.”

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Status of South Australian Fisheries Report

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