Snapper spatial closures in place

Fishers are reminded that five key sites remain closed to Snapper fishing until 31 January 2016.

Snapper spawning spatial closures are in place at four sites in Spencer Gulf and a fifth site in Gulf St Vincent to provide additional protection to Snapper at key aggregation sites.

At these five sites, all fishing sectors are prohibited from possessing, targeting and taking Snapper within the 4km radius of each closure.

PIRSA Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy, Sean Sloan, said the closure arrangements would help secure the sustainability of our prized Snapper stocks well into the future.

“Snapper is an incredibly important species to our recreational, commercial and charter fisheries and the closure of these five key sites will continue to help ensure the protection and recovery of local Snapper stocks,” he said.

“The closures only restrict Snapper fishing in the five spatial areas, so anglers can still enjoy fishing for Snapper outside these areas.

“I commend fishers on their conduct during the annual closure and encourage anglers to enjoy the abundant jetty, beach and boat launch locations that are available across the state during the busy holiday period ahead.”

Fisheries Officers will continue to conduct regular patrols and inspections during the remaining closure period to monitor fishing activity, and ensure closure rules are being complied with.

Suspicious or illegal fishing behaviour to FISHWATCH on 1800 065 522 or via the free SA Recreational Fishing Guide smartphone app. Callers can remain anonymous.

More information

Map of Snapper spawning spatial closure areas (PDF 514.8 KB)
Helping Snapper survive – Catch and release handling guide (PDF 326.9 KB)

Page Last Reviewed: 19 Jan 2016
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