Protecting our precious King George Whiting

To reduce fishing pressure during its breeding season, the King George Whiting spawning spatial closure runs from 1-31 May.

The closure includes an area off southern Spencer Gulf, southern Gulf St Vincent and Investigator strait where the taking, targeting and possession of King George Whiting  by all fishing sectors - recreational, charter and commercial - is prohibited.

This includes travelling through the closure area in possession of King George Whiting.

PIRSA Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy Director, Sean Sloan, said the closure was needed to protect King George Whiting during part of its vital breeding season and to manage sustainability concerns over the species.

In the Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent / Kangaroo Island, King George Whiting is classified as ‘transitional depleting’. This means fishing pressure is too high and measures must be put into place to prevent the stock from becoming overfished.

Changes to recreational fishing size, bag and boat limits were introduced on 1 December 2016, including for King George Whiting the statewide reduction of daily bag limit to 10 and boat limit to 30, along with increasing the legal size limit to 32cm in all Gulf waters East of 136E.

Thank you also to all the recreational fishers who supported the SARDI King George Whiting research project during April.

Over 500 donated frames will now be used for research to gather vital information on the species' reproduction.

Page Last Reviewed: 17 May 2017
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