Charter boat fishery

Charter boat fishery overview

Charter boat fishing is considered a commercial platform for recreational fishing. The charter boat fishery is managed through a licensing and registration system.

Charter boat fishing happens in South Australian marine waters and has bag, boat, size and trip limits. These might vary from limits that apply to individual fishers.

Snapper management review

The review of management arrangements for South Australia's Snapper fishery has been finalised.

New management measures to support the recovery of Snapper stocks took effect on 1 November 2019.

Learn more about the Snapper management changes.


No new licences for charter boat fishing are currently being issued. Charter boat licences can be purchased from existing licence holders.


Charter boat fishery licences are issued for the term of the management plan. The revised management plan is effective from 1 April 2019 until 30 June 2021.


Commercial licence fees must be paid each financial year. Invoices are issued annually in June.

Payments can be made:

  • up-front
  • in a lump sum
  • in quarterly instalments.

Licence transfer

Licences can be transferred from 1 person to another.

A joint application must be made by the:

  • holder of the charter boat fishing licence
  • transferee.

Use the Charter Boat Fishing Licence Transfer form (PDF 394.6 KB) .

Boat registration and de-registration

Every boat that is used for commercial fishing must be registered. Use the following form to register or de-register a boat.

Application to Vary a Boat Registration Charter Boat Fishery or PDF version (PDF 266.7 KB)

Boat master registration

All people who act as a commercial fishing boat master must be registered by the licence holder. Multiple boat masters can be registered using the form below.

Application to change registration of a master/s (PDF 376.4 KB)

Charter boat fishery management

Management plan:

Stock assessment reports:

Economic indicator reports:

Rules and closures


Charter boat operators must be aware of size, bags, boat and trip limits that apply to their operation. These might vary from limits that apply to individual recreational fishers.

Download the South Australian Charter Boat Fishing Limits brochure (PDF 1003.6 KB).

Recreational fishers are not allowed to sell their catch.


Charter boats are not allowed to fish in closed areas. See the closures page for closure locations.


The South Australian Charter Boat Fishery is regulated through the:

See the Commercial Charter Boat Fishery Operator User Guide 2018 for more information on:

  • permitted species
  • size limits
  • commercial limits
  • gear rules
  • closures
  • licence transfers
  • demerit points.


View the Ministerial determinations.


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