Fishing restrictions for sharks

White Sharks

White Sharks are a protected species in South Australia.

They are protected under Section 71 of the South Australian Fisheries Management Act 2007.

The Act prohibits the:

  • take
  • harm
  • harassment
  • sale
  • purchase
  • possession

of White Sharks (including any body parts). There is a penalty of up to $100,000 or 2 years imprisonment for individuals prosecuted in court.

Fishing limits

See the fishing limits page for information about catch limits for sharks.

Gear restrictions

It is illegal to take any fish using the following together:

  • a wire trace with a gauge of 2 mm or greater
  • a fishing hook greater than size 12/0.

Metropolitan restrictions

Metropolitan shark fishing restrictions prohibit:

  • the use of wire trace or a monofilament trace exceeding 1mm in diameter
  • hooks with a shank length greater than 56mm and a gape greater than 23mm.

Restrictions apply:

  • between 5am and 9pm daily
  • from the southernmost breakwater at Outer Harbor to Yankalilla Bay.

Map of shark fishing restriction area (PDF 206.5 KB)

Berley and Berleying

Berleying is a risk to water users because it may attract sharks.

The following must not be used for burley in any South Australian marine waters:

  • blood
  • bone
  • meat
  • offal
  • animal skin.

Burleying is covered in Section 23 of the Fisheries Management (General) Regulations 2007 under the Fisheries Management Act 2007.

Commercial fishing

Commercial fishing restrictions are also in place to minimise the impact on shark populations.

Commercial fishers are:

  • Prohibited from taking White Sharks.
  • Limited to a daily total trip limit of 5 School and Gummy Sharks.
  • Prohibited from using wire trace with a gauge of 2 mm or greater in conjunction with fishing hooks greater than a size 12/0 at any time.
  • Restricted on the usage and length of mesh nets.
  • Limited on the number of hooks that can be used on long lines.
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