2006 Shark sightings

The sightings listed here are compiled from third parties. They are seldom verified or confirmed and PIRSA Fisheries take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and do not guarantee that the information on this website represents all known shark sightings.

The shark sightings recorded on this site do not necessarily indicate the presence or absence of sharks in any particular area. Remember that sharks are mobile creatures; hence a shark sighting provided may not be specifically accurate, valid or useful.

Care should be taken when interpreting any information on the shark sighting log. Many of the sightings have not been verified and in some instances there may be multiple sightings of the same shark listed.

Some sightings are reported several hours, and in some cases days, after the actual observation. Although these sightings are listed, the usefulness of this information should be considered in this context.

PIRSA excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available on the site.

Identifier codes

P    Report from member of the public
R    Surf Life Saving South Australia observation from rotary wing aircraft
F    UniSA/State Emergency Services observation from fixed wing aircraft
S    Report from South Australia Police
A    Report from Abalone Divers Association
W   White Sharks Count program program (including sighting ID number) – these reports are provided some time after the sighting date

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Date of ReportTime of ReportDate of SightingTime of SightingSighting LocationShark SpeciesIdentifier
8/01/2007141529/12/2006100m offshore at Tumby BayWhite PointerP
2/01/2007150031/12/20061640400m north of Grange Jetty approx 60m from shoreunknownR
2/01/2007150031/12/20061630Henley JettyunknownR
2/01/2007150031/12/20061545200m south of Grange Jetty approx 100m from shoreunknownR
2/01/2007150031/12/20061530Sellicks beach - 50m from shoreunknownR
2/01/2007150031/12/20061330sighting of over 60 sharks in Goolwa areaHammerheads and Bronze WhalersR
2/01/2007150031/12/2006940between Hallett Cove and Pt StanvacBronze WhalerR
2/01/2007150030/12/20061815Aldinga, 100 metres from shoreBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006161529/12/20061645Henley Beach - 150m offshoreunknownF
29/12/2006114026/10/20061635Christies Beach - 50m from shorelineBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114026/12/20061600Somerton - 50m from shorelineBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114023/12/20061550Sellicks Beach - 100m from shorelineBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114023/12/20061320Henley BeachBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114023/12/20061220Sellicks BeachBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114017/12/20061245NormanvilleBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114017/12/20061515Sellicks BeachBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114017/12/20061245Midway between Hallett Cove & Pt StanvacBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114016/12/20061720Port WillungaBronze WhalerR
29/12/2006114016/12/20061205Sellicks BeachBronze WhalerR
28/12/2006182028/12/20061820Carrickalinga - 30m offshoreunknownP
27/12/2006114027/12/20061820Port Noarlunga EsplanadeunknownP
27/12/2006153027/12/20061530Sellicks Beach - 100m from shoreunknownF
27/12/2006114027/12/20061140Moana - 50m offshoreunknownF
22/12/2006110021/12/20061700Brighton BeachunknownF
22/12/2006110020/12/20062105Port Noarlunga - near mouth of OnkaparingaunknownF
22/12/2006110020/12/20061755Henley BeachunknownF
22/12/2006110018/12/20061813Sellicks BeachunknownF
18/12/2006160018/12/20061424Aldinga - approx 100 metres offshoreunknownF
18/12/2006160018/12/20061342Hove (Wattle Avenue)unknownF
12/12/2006140011/12/20061800North Haven- 25m offshoreunknownP
11/12/2006175210/12/20061600Port Willunga - Star of Greece shipwreckunknownR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061545Sellicks Beach - 100m off shoreunknownR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061535Sellicks Beach southunknownR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061525Silver Sands - 100m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061515Maslin's Beach - 100m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061450Henley Beach - 200m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061300Moana Beach south - 100m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061225Middleton - 250m off shoreHammerheadR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061150Normanville - 50m off shoreunknownR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061130Sellicks Beach / Silver Sands - 250m off shoreunknownR
11/12/2006175210/12/20061050Semaphore jetty - report from fixed wing - dolphins sightedunknown - dolphins?R
11/12/200617529/12/20061558Parson Beach - attracted to large school of fishBronze WhalerR
11/12/200617529/12/20061530Sellicks Beach - attracted to large school of fishBronze WhalerR
11/12/200617529/12/20061510Hallett Cove south - 250m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/12/200617529/12/20061135Normalnville - 500m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/12/200617529/12/20061120Aldinga Bay - 200m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/12/200617528/12/20061850Sellicks Beach - 60m off shore - attracted to a large school of fishBronze WhalerR
11/12/200617528/12/20061640Sellicks Beach - 60m off shore - attracted to a large school of fishBronze WhalerR
9/12/20069559/12/2006850Southern end Moana Beach - 100m off shoreunknownP
8/12/200618158/12/20061814Sellicks BeachunknownU
7/12/200616377/12/20061635Aldinga Beach - 15m off shoreunknownS
7/12/200616137/12/20061612Brighton Beach (near King St) - 25m off shoreunknownS
6/12/200612306/12/20061228Tennyson BeachunknownS
5/12/200618395/12/20061830Maslin's Beach - 50m off shoreunknownS
5/12/200615084/12/2006730North Haven - 30km due westWhite SharkP
5/12/200615083/12/20061030North Haven - 30km due westWhite SharkP
5/12/200613085/12/20061249Brighton - Edwards St - 40m off shoreunknownP
5/12/200610505/12/20061034Sellicks Beach boat rampunknownP
4/12/200614532/12/20061430off shore of the Fort Largs Police AcademyWhite SharkP
4/12/2006124925/11/20061300Point Sir Isaacs (Coffin Bay)White SharkW(68)
1/12/200618541/12/200610308km south west of Port BroughtonWhite SharkP
1/12/200615141/12/20061457700m off shore Glenelg jettyunknownF
30/11/2006125530/11/20061250150m off shore Port Lincoln jettyunknownP
29/11/2006140725/11/20061520Moana northBronze WhalerR
29/11/2006140718/11/20061640100m off shore Hallett CoveBronze WhalerR
29/11/2006140718/11/20061430250m off shore SomertonBronze WhalerR
26/11/20069583/11/20061345Great Australian Bight - dead whale carcassWhite SharkW(67)
20/11/2006135219/11/20061km off eastern side of Point Sir Isaacs (Coffin Bay)White SharkA
20/11/2006131720/11/2006Venus BayWhite SharkA
13/11/2006150012/11/20061420Moana south - 150m off shoreBronze WhalerR
13/11/2006150011/11/20061440Broadway (Glenelg) - 100m off shoreBronze WhalerR
11/11/200691111/11/2006909Largs Bay (off Police Academy)unknownF
10/11/2006183110/11/2006Tiparra Reef (Yorke Peninsula)unknownA
10/11/200616495/11/20061700Moana north - 40m off shoreBronze WhalerR
10/11/200616495/11/20061440Normanville - 60m off shoreBronze WhalerR
10/11/200616495/11/20061425Carrickalinga - 40m off shoreunknownR
1/11/200674931/10/2006Waldegrave Island (near Elliston)unknownA
31/10/2006153012/10/20061430Whyalla - One Steel wallWhite SharkW(66)
31/10/2006115531/10/20061000Port AugustaunknownP
23/10/2006123022/10/20061500Yates Ground 18km northwest of North HavenWhite SharkP
22/10/2006111218/10/20061630Thevenard (near Ceduna)White SharkW(65)
19/10/200684118/10/20061320Thevenard (near Ceduna)White SharkP
18/10/2006181418/10/20061750Thevenard (near Ceduna)White SharkP
11/10/2006115311/10/20061050Seacliff beach - 30m offshoreBronze WhalerP
6/10/200613232/09/2006800Mudbanks - WhyallaWhite SharkW(64)
6/10/2006132013/09/2006700Mudbanks - WhyallaWhite SharkW(63)
6/10/2006131616/09/20062000Mudbanks - WhyallaWhite SharkW(62)
6/10/20069115/10/20061600Eastern Cove - 1km off Rocky Point - Kangaroo IslandWhite SharkP
4/10/200613114/10/20061310Henley Beach near jettySealS
4/10/200612394/10/20061240North St Henley BeachSealS
4/10/200610104/10/20061010500m south of Grange jettySealS
3/10/200615473/10/20061535150m off old Magic Mountain site GlenelgunknownS
3/10/200611303/10/20061030Little Islands - near Streaky BayWhite SharkP
1/10/200673427/09/2006600Middle of Spencer Gulf (40m water depth)White SharkW(60)
29/09/2006110030/09/20061200Frenchmans (near Coffin Bay)White SharkW(59)
29/09/2006105229/08/20061200Frenchmans (near Coffin Bay)White SharkW(58)
21/09/2006162916/09/20061500John Robb wreckWhite SharkP
18/09/2006110015/09/2006afternoonKingscote bay areaWhite SharkP
18/09/2006110015/09/2006morningKingscote bay areaWhite SharkP
18/09/2006112530/08/20061200Mount Young (Eyre Peninsula)White SharkW(57)
16/09/2006164616/09/20061600250m off shore - Somerton Park Surf Life Saving ClubunknownP
16/09/2006162316/09/20061605250m off shore - Somerton Surf Life Saving ClubunknownS
15/09/2006175915/09/20061545North of Torrens Outlet - Henley BeachunknownS
15/09/2006124015/09/2006Point Drummond - Eyre PeninsulaWhite SharkA
31/08/2006162031/08/20061615North Sheilds - near Port LincolnWhite SharkP
20/08/200693219/08/20061130Port Noarlunga southUnknownP
15/08/20068307/08/2006223030m off Grange jettyWhite SharkP
12/08/2006221112/08/200611302km west of West Beach boat rampWhite SharkP
4/08/2006152328/07/200610001 km east of Point Lowly lighthouse (Whyalla area)White SharkW(56)
5/07/200691016/06/20061330Western Shoal - Kangaroo IslandWhite SharkW(55)
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