2010 Shark sightings

The sightings listed here are compiled from third parties. They are seldom verified or confirmed and PIRSA Fisheries take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information and do not guarantee that the information on this website represents all known shark sightings.

The shark sightings recorded on this site do not necessarily indicate the presence or absence of sharks in any particular area. Remember that sharks are mobile creatures; hence a shark sighting provided may not be specifically accurate, valid or useful.

Care should be taken when interpreting any information on the shark sighting log. Many of the sightings have not been verified and in some instances there may be multiple sightings of the same shark listed.

Some sightings are reported several hours, and in some cases days, after the actual observation. Although these sightings are listed, the usefulness of this information should be considered in this context.

PIRSA excludes all liability to any person arising directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available on the site.

Identifier codes

P    Report from member of the public
R    Surf Life Saving South Australia observation from rotary wing aircraft
F    UniSA/State Emergency Services observation from fixed wing aircraft
S    Report from South Australia Police
A    Report from Abalone Divers Association
W   White Sharks Count program (including sighting ID number) – these reports are provided some time after the sighting date

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Date of Report Time of Report Date of Sighting Time of Sighting Sighting Location Shark Species Identifier
31/12/10  N/A  31/12/10  N/A  Port Willunga not specified 
15/12/10 13:30 14/12/10  12:30  Semaphore Beach 1.5km from shore not specified 
13/12/10  18:45  13/12/10  18:45  Port Willunga. 50m off shore  not specified 
06/12/10 19:40  06/12/10  19:37  Grange Beach swimming near jetty. Approx 20m from shore  Bronze Whaler 
28/10/10  09:30  28/10/10  13:45  Henley Beach Jetty  not specified 
27/10/10 14:00  25/10/10  17:30  Grange Tye Reef. three nautical miles from shore  Great White 
23/09/10  17:30 23/09/10  17:28  12km north of Outer Harbor  Great White 
13/05/10 16:00  12/05/10  16:00  Sarin Marine Farm (Port Lincoln) not given 
07/05/10 13:45  07/05/10  13:20 

Moonta Bay jetty 

not given 
14/04/10 18:10  13/04/10  10:45  Breakwater at Penneshaw on Kangeroo Island alongside where the ferry pulls in.   Great White
06/04/10  14:15  05/04/10  17:30  6km off of O'Sullivans Beach  Tiger Shark 
11/03/10  14:12  11/03/10  not given  D'Estrees Bay  Great White 
07/03/10 18:00  06/03/10  evening  5m deep at north side of Masselon Island  2 X Great Whites
05/02/10 14:24 24/01/10  15:00 200 metres off of Port Hughes not given
12/01/10 13:50 09/01/10 14:37  1Km north of Tumby Bay jetty  Hammerhead 
08/01/10 12:20  07/01/10 08:58  1km north of Henley jetty 500m offshore not given 
08/01/10  12:00  08/01/10 11:51  100m off Port Willunga heading toward beach  not given 
08/01/10  10:00 06/01/10 17:01  not specified  not given 
08/01/10   10:00  06/01/10  14:03  Henley Beach. 50 Metres offshore heading South  not given 
08/01/10   10:00  06/01/10 06:02 200m North of Brighton Beach  not given 
08/01/10   10:00  05/01/10  18:16  75m off Moana Beach  not given 
08/01/10   10:00  05/01/10  16:47  not specified  not given 
08/01/10   10:00  05/01/10 15:26  not specified Bronze Whaler  S
08/01/10 10:00  05/01/10  14:25  100-150m off of Grange Beach  not given 
08/01/10   10:00  04/01/10  14:41  200m off shore near Semaphore Anchorage Marina  not given  S


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